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2018 Kaffe Mystery Quilt Updates

Kaffe Fassett Mystery Quilt Updates

Thank you for joining us in the first Kaffe Fassett Mystery Quilt and this page is where you will find all the news about delivery: when they arrive from Free Spirit at the shop, when they go out to you ...... it's all here!

***17 Dec and you should expect them in you postbox soon. Thanks so much!

** 12 Dec......The last block is in the building! **

 *** 10Dec and we've received notice it has been sent out from the warehouse!

 ***  13 November, Block #9 is posted out.

*** 15 Oct and Block #8 has been shipped out!

*** 12 Oct and Block #8 arrived.

*** 01Oct and Block #7 is posted!

 *** 28Sept and Block #7 has arrived, we will package and wait to hear what the labour dispute at Canada Post brings us over the weekend. 

***17 Sept and you are wondering where Block #7 is - us too so we called FreeSpirit and they have not been released yet from the warehouse. Will post as soon as we know more.

***Aug 13 and Block #6 is leaving the building - watch your post box!!

 *** Aug 10 Block #6 is in the house

 *** July 26 Block #5 has left the building! 

*** July 23 - block #5 has arrived and we will get it out this week!

*** July 19 has yet to arrive at the shop, stay tuned!

*** July 9  Block #4 has left the building - watch your postbox :)

*** July5 Puzzle Block #4 is in the building!!!!!!!

*** July4 they've cleared customs and are scheduled to arrive by 5pm Thursday.

*** June 29 the blocks have been shipped from Free Spirit and we should get them next week. Once received we need to repackage, label and ship. Enjoy your week.

 *** June 26- Free Spirit is shipping late due to moving warehouses. We have been advised that the blocks have been shipped from the warehouse to US shops only. Initially we understood Canada to be included in that initial shipment but no so. Patience!!

Month #3 arrived 04 May and have all been shipped by 09May.

Month #2 arrived 30April and most were shipped out the week of 01 May to 04 May

          fyi - 28 May just received news that #2 has reached Australia!!

Month #1 has been shipped and you would have received it by now.



All orders are sent by Canada Post using the best value option available. Within Canada it is regular mail, USA and International we use Small Packet. For more information on their delivery standards please see   www.CanadaPost.ca

As per Canada Post delivery standards, please wait at least 6 weeks from posted ship date to inquire about your order.


Enjoy the journey - this is not a contest!

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