Eleganza Boxed Collections

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Have you been lusting over your very own collection of Sue Spargo Eleganza Perle Cotton???
Well, now's the time to grab the original 90 color line for just a fraction of the cost!
Spoil yourself with the most popular Perle cotton on the market. Rich in color and quality, choose from sizes 8, 5 or 3. Designed thoughtfully for hand embroidery and small scale designs, variegations are extra short allowing for frequent color change and a stand alone product in the market. Free from lint and a little extra twist has this thread stitching through fabrics and fibers like a dream.

Original collection includes 90 colors: 36 solids (EZ01-36) & 54 variegates (EZM01-54)
Available in three weights: Size 8 (70yd spool), Size 5 (40yd spool), Size 3 (30yd spool)

Collections are presented in a designer three drawer box complete with ribbon pulls. Box includes one spool of each color in the original 90 color line.