Quiltmania Mystery 2021 full payment = free shipping!!!

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Expected release date is 8th Mar 2021

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Quiltmania Mystery 2021 - free shipping offer!

Pay your final balance and save a minimum of $40 in shipping fees.

The program instructions are offered by instalments in the Quiltmania bi-monthly magazine, not included in this purchase.

Subscriptions are available on the Quiltmania website in a digital format or delivered to your door.

We do have the Jan/Feb issue in stock if you need it.

Your options:

-Do nothing and you will continue to be billed bi-monthly and the fabrics sent out. The first two will be sent together as we don't expect them till end Feb/Mar The balance of the program will incur shipping charges depending on where you live. 

-Pay in full and all the fabric will be shipped at once and any options you have chosen ie: the backing fabric, embroidery kit and Jan/Feb issue if needed.