Simply Modern #27

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 In your Simply Moderne n°27 Winter issue:


  • Exhibition: the 26th Edition of the European Patchwork Meeting in Alsace, France
  • Meet Sheila Frampton Cooper


13 new projects to celebrate Fall season:


  • Julgåvor by Birgitta Jadenfelt
  • Illusions by Emma Coutancier of Au Fil d’Emma
  • Opposites Attract by Andrea Armitage
  • Prism by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic
  • Berry Bashful by Dianne Harris of Stash Bandit
  • Candy Box 2 by Margo Yang
  • Coming Together by Margo Yang
  • Skyygnsvatn by Carrie Wikander of The Zen Quilter
  • KaPow! by Carrie Wikander of The Zen Quilter
  • Ruckus by Michael Caputo
  • Gnome Fest by Charisma Horton
  • Nate & Tate by Charisma Horton
  • Cross it by Brigitte Heitland
  • Tinsel Tree by Everyday Stitches


We track the latest trends and celebrate creative, fresh new ideas by modern quilt designers from all over the world. Each issues features 10+ projects presented with full-size patterns along with detailed instructions. Also included is a technical lesson and project, presented by featured designer specializing in modern quilting.