Super Sized La Pas Templates - I want to register!!!

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Are you interested in La Pas but daunted by all those bits? Here is the perfect solution and totally doable in front of the fire,

waiting for the game to end, on a plane, train or in an automobile?????

Templates are for the Super Size La Pas as shown by Tula Pink's video and will be $59.00 for the complete set.

You can do it with or without papers, both will be an option.

We have super sized the templates by 245%. Each side of the big pentagon will be 3".

Windowed with 3/8" seam allowance.


You will need a copy of Millefiore by Willyne Hammerstein for La Passacaglia pattern.

Will create a group so we can all follow along and host a couple Zoom classes to get you started.


Great for stash busting!! What a terrific winter project - maybe two winters??


Registration fee is non refundable and if you decide not to join us we will donate the money to the Salvation Army.