#59C Bernina Double 4-6.0mm Cord

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Bernina Presser Feet 9MM PRESSER FEET: BERNINA 180–730 7-8SERIES #59C Bernina Double 4-6.0mm Cord

Double Cord Foot #59C enables the simultaneous couching of two parallel cords with a diameter of 4 to 6mm.

The two grooves in the sole of Double Cord Foot #59C guide the strands of cording perfectly, allowing them to be sewn on precisely. The result is an exceptionally consistent and attractive cord appliqué. Double Cord Foot #59C is also ideal for sewing piping.

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of sewing with Double Cord Foot #59C – the professional when it comes to couching cords and sewing piping.

Double Cord Foot #59C

Simultaneous application of two cords

  • For simultaneously sewing on two parallel cords
  • For cords with a diameter of 4 - 6 mm
  • For creating piping
  • For 9 mm machines