#82 Bernina Eyelet embroidery attachment

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Bernina Presser Feet OLD STYLE PRESSER FEET: 530–1630 RED PKG #82 Bernina Eyelet embroidery attachment

Eyelet Set #82 with Eyelet Foot #92 Eyelet Set #82 with Eyelet Foot #92 Decorative eyelets are simply embroidered holes worked in an attractive arrangement and often combined with other embroidered elements to embellish a wide variety of projects from christening gowns to denim jackets. Making eyelets with the BERNINA Eyelet Set is a simple matter of making a hole in the fabric and sewing with a zigzag stitch to finish the raw edge of the opening. Although making eyelets is a free-motion technique, it is one that takes very little practice to be successful—even a beginner can make eyelets! The BERNINA Eyelet Set has a series of fabric and leather punches and awls to create different sizes of holes in different types of fabric and leather. The actual working parts of the attachment include: A. Plate to cover the feed dog (screw and screwdriver included); holds the post that the eyelet is worked around B. Wooden block to use as a support for punching C. Eyelet Foot #92, specially designed to fit around the post to support the stitching D. Series of interchangeable punches in different sizes E. Posts in six sizes (only one is used at a time) F. Two awls and a handle for the punches Foundation: cut-away stabilizer (optional) Background: Colored Cardstock Techniques: Variations of embroidered eyelets Embellishments: Stamp title tag; simple framing techniques.

Collect the following materials:  Eyelet Set #82 with Eyelet Foot #92  Stabilizer and/or embroidery hoop  6” square of fabric & 6” square of wool felt Note: If using a hoop, the fabric pieces should be large enough to fit in the hoop  8” x 8” square of colored cardstock  Small tag, about 1½” x 3”  Assorted fibers & ribbons, each about 6”-8” long  Small alphabet stamps with ink pad or permanent ink marker for hand printing  Patterned cardstock to make frame  Textured handmade paper, about 7” x 4”  Three 35mm slide frames.