Q 24 with BERNINA Pro Frame & Q-matic, GWP: Pantograph Kit, Mechanical Channel Locks & Q Series Gift Box

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From the very first stitch, you will appreciate the thought behind every detail


The BERNINA Q 16 PLUS, Q 20 and Q 24 are longarm quilting machines and only differ in the length of the throat space.


  • Throat space of Q 24: 24 inches
  • Throat space of Q 20: 20 inches
  • Throat space of Q 16 PLUS: 16 inches


For the Q 24 and Q 20, BERNINA offers the quilting frame in three sizes: "Small PRO", "Classic PRO" and "Large PRO". The BERNINA Studio Frame is suitable for use with the Q 16 PLUS and Q 20.



Strong & robust design

  • Ideal for BERNINA Q 20 and Q 24
  • Available in three sizes (Small, Classic, Large)
  • Handles high speed quilting easily

 BERNINA Q-matic

 Longarm Quilting Automation System

 For BERNINA Classic & Large PRO Frames and Studio Frame

  • Touch PC mounted to the side of the frame
  • Art & Stitch and WiFi included
  • One-touch quick belt release system
  • More than 675 designs included