Razzle - Rayon #8wt 6 ply, Sue Spargo

This sturdy 6-ply 100% rayon thread is comparable in weight to a #8 perle cotton. Razzle's natural bright lustre and silky feel make it a wonderful choice for crafts, crocheting, knitting, and accessories. It can even be used in highlighting the details in dimensional stitches. The light play on Razzle™ intensifies stitchery depth and textural effects on wool, making this a stand out thread!
Sizes: 45.7m (50yd) spools
Usages: Bobbin work, serging, couching, knitting, crochet, tassels, cording, fringes, bead work, hand embroidery, crafts.screen-shot-2020-04-03-at-5.53.27-pm.png